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Making a decision to restore your Z takes time, the right budget and an experienced business to handle it. We at Doctor Datsun only restore about 2-3 cars a year. Each car is treated as our own. We take pride in making sure the restoration meets your expectations. Your project deserves special attention to every part.

Restoration Limited Warranty

As part of our restoration process, California Datsun offers a limited warranty. This warranty covers defects or failed functionality of parts we actually replaced or rebuilt during the restoration within the first 12 months/12,000 miles, whichever comes first, after completion and delivery. Any failed part due to improper break in, misuse, racing, overheating, abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance will not be covered.

Engine Break-in Instructions

These are the methods California Datsun uses and considers to be proper break-in and startup of a general engine. Customer is required to follow these break-in methods in order to perform under the Limited Warranty.

Why I love Datsuns!

As a kid my brother-in-law worked at a junkyard that specialized in Z cars so I always had access to parts. He was also an amazing Z car mechanic. I drove my Z all throughout high school and college, changing the design and paint scheme almost yearly. In 1999, at the Hot Import Nights car show, a movie producer rented my Z for a few scenes in a pilot for FAST AND FURIOUS! This solidified my passion for working on Datsuns and the rest is history!

What we start with...

california datsun 240z s30 restoration 6

...what we can create!

california datsun 240z s30 restoration 6

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