Hello, my name is Al Allen

and I am Doctor Datsun!

I prefer the personal touch of doing business.
I encourage you to call, stop by and meet me, tour our facility and make your own opinion and decisions on how we can help make your Datsun dreams come true!

A Brief History

I opened our parent company Datsun Parts LLC in 2008 as a small parts supplier on eBay. In 2014 our continued growth of quality parts evolved into the addition of the California Datsun name. This would cement our place as a west coast supplier and expand our global market reach on-line.



I have owned dozens of Z cars and worked on them for over 33 years. I have been passionate about them ever since. Today we have a team of people working hard to meet all of our clients needs. However, I am personally involved in every part, every order, and every restoration. In addition I answer every phone call and am always easy to talk to.


I take great pride in yet another business expansion known as Doctor Datsun. This half of our business handles just our complete restorations. Each car we take on is a bumper to bumper build. Again, as the owner I take the lead on each and every Z-car we restore. My years of experience and extensive contact list allow us access to many out of production parts that result in our show quality builds.


I treat each car as my own. As a winner of many best of show awards at WCN and 1st place at ZCON, I have been recognized as an industry leader for parts, service and even just information for the DIY builders. I have built hundreds of Z cars and my business has sold over a thousand Datsun L Series engines.

Why I love Datsuns!

As a kid my brother-in-law worked at a junkyard that specialized in Z cars so I always had access to parts. He was also an amazing Z car mechanic. I drove my Z all throughout high school and college, changing the design and paint scheme almost yearly. In 1999, at the Hot Import Nights car show, a movie producer rented my Z for a few scenes in a pilot for FAST AND FURIOUS! This solidified my passion for working on Datsuns and the rest is history!

What we start with...

california datsun 240z s30 restoration 6

...what we can create!

california datsun 240z s30 restoration 6

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